Modern oil lamps

“An oil lamp is an oil lamp is an oil lamp”, you say? Nope. Not quite right!

Modern oil lamps work on the same principles as old or antique ones, yes – after all, oil lamps have to have a reservoir and wick to be an oil lamp. The difference with modern oil lamps is… modern technology.

Modern oil lamps can literally be any shape. Technology has made it easier to manufacture them, but also to create endless possibilities with regards to the appearance of oil lamps. Here are some examples.

Glassblowers have taken oil lamps to a brand new level. They really create the most beautiful looking, magical oil lamps, playing around with both the latest glassblowing technologies and the old oil lamp principles. If you have a look around on the internet, you will find glass blowers who have created glass floating oil lamps, oil lamps that look like candles, oil lamps that look like pedestals and pyramids and also ones that look ice pillars – the list is endless. You can also order the design you like for someone’s retirement, and have the person’s name and other information etched on it. You can do the same for someone’s birthday, wedding or coming of age. Also – they all make for beautiful, unique and practical gifts. Guess what? With some glassblowers you can create your own design too, and have it custom made for you or the person you want to give the gift to!

Technology has also made it possible for all shapes of oil lamps to be made from metals like stainless steel, brushed copper, and others. Strathwood, a company that makes products for Amazon, has for example made various oil lamps from for instance brushed copper and other metals for inside use, to bracket oil lamps that really look like normal (though prettier) lights for use outside.

There are also beautiful stainless steel spiked garden oil torches up for grabs, as well as corten steel and stainless steel combined cone garden oil laps (or torches). These are so beautiful for lovely summer nights when one wants to perhaps have a barbeque outside, have some sunset drinks with friends, or maybe just sit and chat outside after sunset.

When it comes to modern outdoor oil lamps, one is really also hit with a lot of beauty. You can take your pick from sheik glass and contemporary copper designs to aged stone and rusted metal. Modern outdoor lamps vary from what is also known as tiki torches for campers and hikers, to breathtaking designs that cater for weddings, anniversaries and other special events. You can get anything from floating copper ones for your pond or pool, alone standing cone lamps that are made from brushed steel or antiqued bronze, and stainless steel hanging lanterns – to pedestal type rustic slate oil lamps and ones that are designed to look like lighthouses; made from porcelain!

Oil lamps therefore cater for every type of person, and every type of event. When it comes to modern ones….. really; there is one for everyone’s taste.